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​​How much is the deposit and how is it made?

For 1 hour events, we require a £50 deposit. For events of 90 minutes,
we require £70. For 2 hour events, we require £90. Deposits can be made via bank transfer, cheque, Paypal or debit card payment, details of which will be given to you when you make your booking.

Any remaining balance can be paid in cash on the day of your event or paid off via bank transfer.
 What if I need to cancel, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately you can not receive a full refund, however,​ if you cancel at least 7 days prior to your event, you will receive a 20% refund on your deposit.

If you cancel your event without at least 7 days notice, you will not receive a refund.  You are welcome to re-book a new event at the expense of a second deposit.

What do I need to participate?

You should be in a physically fit condition without any underlying medical conditions that could be worsened on the day due to the physicality of Bubble Football.

You must be willing to sign a personal injury liability release form. You shall play at your own risk.

Appropriate footwear (trainers) and sports wear is essential. You may wish to wear loose fitting trousers (not jeans) to protect your legs. No vests, you shall need to wear clothing that covers your shoulders.

Plenty of water as Bubble Football is very arduous, so you will get very hot and sweaty.

A big smile and good attitude to get involved!
Are there any restrictions?

Restrictions are dependent on the individuals height and build but the suggested minimum age required to participate is 10 years old. Children younger than 10 will struggle to move about while carrying the weight of the zorb for the entirety. 

If the party consists of members all under the age of 16, there must be a responsible delegate (over the age of 16) present.

We strongly recommend the maximum upper weight limit of a single player to be 20 stone (127 kg).  If you are of large build, you may struggle to fit into the zorbs.  We take no responsibility for you being unable to participate in the event.​​​​​​​​​​​


Tell me more about the zorbs?

​Our body zorbs will, when fitted, surround the player from the thigh upwards above their head giving 360 degree protection. Our new zorbs are manufactured from the best TPU material, meaning our zorbs are lighter (around 9kg) and more robust than other body zorbs used in the business. We clean the inside of our zorbs after every event with a surface disinfectant and clean the exterior before events with non-hazardous surface cleaning wipes to ensure they are as clean as possible for the start of your session.
Your visibility will be slightly reduced when inside the zorbs but this is normal, however we do have a number of zorbs that have a small window to give the best visibility possible, which is also helpful for those who feel they may feel claustrophobic inside our zorbs.

Are you insured for private and public events?

Yes, we have public liability insurance in place up to £5,000,000. Please ask us if you wish to have a copy.